Recent Amazon Finds Under $30!

I recently had a pretty substantial (for me) Amazon haul and I kept everything. And of course, I’m so excited that I had to share. I know a lot of stuff on Amazon can be hit or miss, but these were all hits. They all kind of fall into the style/clothing category, but these are all Amazon finds under $30. Did I mention that yet? So let’s go!

But, just a quick note before we do, the links in this post are affiliate links, which means, for every purchase made using these links, Amazon will give me a penny or two. Really, it’s not much, but every penny counts! So if you’re feeling generous and are interested, thank you so much! Do not ever feel obligated to use an affiliate link here though!


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Romwe Ruffle Hem Loose Tee

I had previously picked up a similar top from Target, but it quickly got a hole in the front so I couldn’t wear it to work anymore. I had been eyeballing this one for awhile before finally adding it to my cart. This tee is soft and just a little bit dressier than a plain t shirt, so it’s perfect for work. It comes in tons of colors and in sizes xs-xl and is under $20. I think the hi-low length is perfect for y’all who are shorter like me, but if you’re taller you may want to size up. It also adds an extra feminine feel to the piece. I picked it up in a small and have plenty of room. Check it out here!


90 Degree by Reflex Ankle Length Leggings

These are the bomb dot com. They’re so buttery soft and wonderful. They are high waisted, in the true meaning of that phrase. They’re a little higher than I prefer, but I also have a small torso. My tiny 4’10” self got the ankle length which has a 25″ inseam. They fit me perfectly as if they were full length. Thus, the regular length would be wayyyy too long for me. Also, you can’t beat $26 for your new favorite leggings.  You can check out the sizes, color options, and lengths offered here! 


Mae Women’s Seamless Thong Pack

Let’s face it. We all need them. These undies are super soft and comfortable. They have several color options and I picked them up in a size small. I basically got tired of Victoria’s Secret and the constant chaos in their store, so why not order from Amazon and have them in two days. No malls. No shipping fees. Hopefully, they hold up well! They’re currently only $18.00.

Sojos Mirrored Polarized Sunglasses

These are a steal in my opinion. $13.00 for shades? If you’re like me and don’t trust yourself with expensive sunglasses, these are the obvious choice. They have multiple color options and even shapes/styles of frames. I went for this classic aviator style with pink lenses and gold frames. They’re a little oversized, but I love them. They’re mirrored lenses and also polarized so they truly protect your eyes. Each purchase comes with a little carrying pouch and lens cloth to keep the streak and scratch-free while in your purse.

Daisy Rose Single Zip Checkered Wallet

Now, I know this wallet is basically a dupe for Louis Vuitton, and I’m not even mad about it. For $17, how could I be? I was looking for a new wallet and didn’t have any other reason to go to Target, so I was browsing on Amazon and came across these. I’ve heard some other bloggers talk about this wallet, so I looked a little closer and ended up giving it a shot. For the price of a Target wallet, I figured, I couldn’t be disappointed. It’s actually really sturdy and pretty in person. They have three color options, and even a double zippered style as well! I believe these sell out quickly but are re-stocked on a regular basis.

That was everything that I bought – and coincidentally, kept it all. I was very pleased with everything. I’ve gotten compliments on the top and wallet already. I’d love to hear what gems you’ve found on Amazon. If you like these types of posts, be sure to let me know so I can share more Amazon finds.

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