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Hey y’all! We’re officially 4 days away from Christmas and it’s crunch time. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to get people this year. And I haven’t been in the mood or had the time to take a stroll around Target or Wal-mart to finish up some shopping. That being said, I’ve put together a quick, last-minute gift guide with some of my favorites from Amazon.

With Prime, you’ll get it in time to wrap up and set under the tree if you order now AND everything on my list is $20 or less. It’s perfect for those last little filler items to round out a present or for some super fun stocking stuffers. This one is mainly for the ladies, but with a few tweaks, you could find some goodies for the guys too! !


Last-Minute-Gift-Guide-By-Amazon - Under 20 Dollar Gift Ideas


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a. Tweexy – this is a fun little nail polish bottle holder. You slide it on your fingers, insert a bottle of your favorite polish, and voila! Paint away without worry of spilling or knocking over the bottle.

b. Himalayan salt lamp – these lamps are very pretty and emit a warm, pink light when turned on. I love the way they look and this one especially is sleek and very attractive.

c. Wine tumbler– for the girls who love their wine, to tailgate, or even throw backyard parties, this is an adorable gift. It’s classy and comes in a ton of different colors.

d. Mrs. Meyer’s candles – this candle smells heavenly. The lavender one is equally good. They smell clean and fresh and burn forever. Mrs. Meyer’s candles are soy-based, too. This means no feeling guilty for burning! If you don’t love these – you could still grab any of your favorite candles.

e. Cute notebook – we all keep little notes, jot things down, journal, or sketch. Every girl loves a good notebook. This one is really cute and it’s one of those gifts you can’t get enough of.

f. Pop socket – there are soooo many styles, colors, and patterns of these and you don’t know you need one until you have it. I was on the fence about getting one, but I literally feel like I can’t hold my phone without it. These are a great stocking stuffer!

g. Metal initials– these are super cute if you wanted to spell out a word or just grab one. They look adorable on a desk or shelf and add just a little light to any room.

h. Jack Black lip balm – this is a really great lip balm and comes in a delicious mint flavor! It’s a little pricey for just one but is definitely a great splurge for a stocking stuffer for that someone special.

i. Burt’s Bees lip balm – if you’re not so sure about the other lip balm, grab this 4 pack from Burt’s Bees and drop one in everyone’s stocking. I love their lip balms as they actually moisturize your lips rather than just adding a barrier from the elements.

j. The Body Shop warm hands soft kisses – This is an adorable little set that smells amazing and provides some serious hydration. It’s perfect for popping in your desk at work or dropping in your favorite handbag for soft lips and hands!

k. The Body Shop tea tree oil skincare set – first off, I live for the body shop tea tree oil line. It has the tingling, cooling sensation that lets you know the tea tree oil is working its magic. This is great for both acne-prone skin and non-acne skin. It can be a hair drying if you have dry skin, but just make sure you moisturize at least once daily and you shouldn’t have any problems.

l. L’Oreal lip scrub – everyone has chapped lip days and exfoliating is key to helping calm your lips down. I love a good lip scrub and this is a great drugstore option. Just exfoliate before doing your makeup and then pop on your favorite lip product for a kissable pout all day!


I hope this helped you come up with some last minute gift ideas for your friends and family! I know it definitely helped me round out my gift list! What else is on your list to buy? Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones and we’ll chat soon!

P.S. If you need additional ideas that you can pick up for your favorite gal, check out my post on drugstore makeup here and here to get good ideas for high-end products that you can pick up fast!

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