Makeup Rehab

Anyone who knows anything about me knows I’m a bit of a makeup junkie… okay a big one. I have a problem. I could spend hours in Ulta or Target browsing the aisles, turning over each product looking at ingredients, shade ranges, and swatching new items (at Ulta where they offer testers – I can’t stand people who open products that aren’t testers and play with them). That being said, I’ve accumulated a bunch of products over the last few years and have struggled to use them all so here we are…

I’m officially entering myself into makeup rehab. My love for makeup is still here and very strong, but my views on life and priorities have changed a bit. I still get excited when new products launch and look forward to checking them out, but this last year, there hasn’t been too much that has piqued my interest. Soooo many palettes released with the same themes and companies are just bombarding the market with products. I wish they would take a chill pill and put more thought and creativity into their launches and collaborations. Also I feel like so many companies have bulky packaging and these over the top PR gifts for the big named bloggers and youtubers. Am I the only one who thinks this is extremely wasteful? I’m really looking forward to switching up my routine and making the following changes in 2019:


Like I said before, my collection has grown exponentially and I can’t use it all. And makeup expires really quick. Some products expire within a couple months and some up to two years. How much eyeshadow can one girl use in 2 years time? I don’t even know if 2 years is the length of time for all eyeshadow as it varies from product to product – which just further proves my own point!!! I don’t want to hold onto products that are super old if I’m not going to use them and I don’t want expired products going onto my skin. It’s not healthy at all.

I think I’ve decided to tackle this by creating little makeup kits for myself each Sunday that will contain the products I can use for the following week. I’m going to try to rotate through and use as much items up, including all those Ipsy and Sephora Play samples I’ve collected over the last two years. I’ll keep notes on the things I like and dislike and will be sure to post them here. I’m not going to outright buy anything for myself makeup wise in 2019, except for once I run out of all of a product, such as mascara or foundation that I’ve deemed to be critical to my daily face.


I’m also going to track products where I’ve hit pan or haven’t, but want to hit pan, and try to fully use these up. There’s several products that were limited edition or were special to me that I save for “special occasions,” but I’m not really a special occasion kind of girl. I don’t usually get dressed up and go out anywhere. My special occasions are super casual dinners with my family or going to to run errands with my honey on a Friday night. I work a full time job and we dress casual, but still professional so I don’t put a lot of effort into my looks on the reg. I’d rather get the extra 10 minutes of zzz’s. Plus, if I hate throwing money away, so why not use it up if I can.


I’ve already gotten myself in the mindset that big things are coming in 2019. I’ve already been giving thought to goals I want to set for myself and trying to re-focus myself to achieve these goals. I want to better myself and have new hobbies planned and those require money and financial changes, thus, the extras like Sephora Play and picking up a new product on a whim have got to go. I want to put my time and energy into different projects. Makeup is still very important to me and very special, but I’m in a place where I can’t sink so much money into it for the foreseeable future. My dad always has told me that “you have to pick your battles” and he’s spot on. Life’s about making choices and I think this one is is going to be a good one.


Since moving into my own place earlier this year, I’ve been more conscious of the amount of waste we (me and my honey) make. And let me tell you, it’s a lot. We recycle as much as we can without trying, but there’s always more we can do. It’s my world and my environment as much as it is yours and we need to treat it better. From product packaging to ingredients to testing on animals, we have a lot of work to do. And it starts with us, the consumers. We have to take a stand and buy cruelty free, buy packaging free or minimal packaging products and raise our voices (figuratively because yelling doesn’t get you anywhere). Once I use up my products I have, I’m going to be looking for better products with better ingredients and less packaging to minimize my carbon footprint.

I’ve clearly been thinking about this for awhile and have finally lined myself up to get it done in 2019. I’m officially giving up both my platinum and VIB status and aiming very high for the next year. I hope some of you will join me in reducing your collections to be more practical or at least will follow me throughout the next year to see how it goes. I’m really excited about this and plan on posting more about makeup ingredients, general lifestyle changes I’m making, and of course how I reduce my makeup (skincare and shower products included) collection over the coming year.

Have you ever tried this out? Am I crazy for doing this? Leave me all your thoughts! Thanks for reading!

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