Eyeing and Not Buying + Makeup Waitlist V.1

Being a makeup lover usually means a lot of money being spent, however; that isn’t always the case for the average girl. Yes, I’d love to go to Ulta and Sephora each weekend and drop hundreds, but I can’t. I have bills to pay and other things that have to take priority. Plus, I personally don’t think that you need to have EVERY new launch in your makeup collection. I like to focus more on every day usable products with some fun things tossed in the mix every now and then. That being said I thought I would start and Eyeing and Not Buying series where I could discuss new releases and why they aren’t making it into my collection. I’ll also include new products that are on my waitlist for purchase.


Eyeing and Not Buying


This palette just launched and it’s first on my list of not buying. The Gingerbread Spice Palette is part of TF’s holiday collection and is one that a lot of people are excited about. But, it won’t be making its way into my shopping cart. It’s all pinks, golds, and neutral browns. While beautiful, I feel like I have most of these colors already. It doesn’t really excite me. I have the Sweet Peach Palette from when it was originally launched and I honestly just don’t use it that often. It has gorgeous colors, but I feel like the shadows are dry and and don’t blend nearly as smoothly as other shadows I have. To me, it doesn’t make the cut. I can spend that $50 dollars on something more useful. There’s been a lot of launches recently that have this pinky-red vibe.

Too Faced Gingerbread Palette x Kristin-Marie.com



I know her palettes are expensive ($129.00 to be exact), and given the right color scheme/ finish set up, I would absolutely pick one up, but the Safari Palette just isn’t it. The shades are really pretty, but I can’t get over the fact that this is all matte. For this amount of money I would want to be able to create any day or night look that I could wear with any outfit. And most days, I just go to work so I wouldn’t be able to wear this very often. Although, I am dying to try her shadows. I’ve heard they are buttery and what makeup dreams are made of.

Natasha Denona Safari Palette x Kristin-Marie.com



It honestly hurts my soul to put CP on this list. I LOVE their products. I have the You Had Me At Hello palette and love it. It’s beautiful and the shadows are soft. They blend effortlessly. But this is again another palette where I feel like I have all the colors already. It is a much cheaper palette compared to the first two, but it also gives me similar vibes to the Gingerbread palette. If you don’t have a Colour Pop palette, I would say this is a semi-neutral one, but if you want an every day wearable palette they have plenty of options. The palette will be between $16 and $20 and is part of their new fall collection.

ColourPop Good Sport Palette x Kristin-Marie.com


This might be an unpopular opinion, but honestly, I don’t care. This is 100% a collector’s item. You don’t actually need it. Jaclyn herself in her video disucssing the brushes states a lot of the brushes are the exact same as the ones Morphe is already selling. The only difference a white handle and her initials engraved on it. Some of the brushes are kind of new, but if you already have a good collection of brushes or just need to grab one or two new ones then don’t even go here.

I have a lot of the eye brushes and some of the same face brushes that she’s including in this collection. I will say that at $165.00 it’s a semi good deal for someone who has zero makeup brushes or needs ALL new ones. No shade to Jaclyn, but this just feels like a scam to me for the average makeup lover. I wouldn’t be so negative about it if it wasn’t marketed as a completely custom set of brushes that Jaclyn designed. Because all she did was walk in their store and pick her favorite brushes and requested a few new ones. I’m way less than impressed. If you don’t believe me, check her video out yourself.

Morphe x Jaclyn Brush Set x Kristin-Marie.com



This launch has been out for awhile and I am not interested. Again, more shades that I feel like are captured in other palettes – Jaclyn’s most recent palette is some of it. I get that these are a part 2 of that release, but it just didn’t impress me. And after all of the pressing issues I just don’t even want to go there. Morphe has a lot of eye shadows for sale in a lot of palettes and this one just feels like a waste. Saving that $49.00 plus shipping.

Morphe x Jaclyn Vault x Kristin-Marie.com

The Makeup Waitlist

So there definitely are a lot of things that have caught my attention that I would love to buy, but can’t quite justify buying at the moment. I’m trying to work through my makeup collection and use some of my older products and ones that I was so excited when they launched, but I haven’t made the effort to use as much as I want to. That being said, I have added some really fun new items to my Makeup Waitlist. I put this little list together to try to help stave off the “hype” around new launches and save some money for the ones that are truly the best.



Being a woman who is VERY busy, mosts days I don’t have time to blend 37 eyeshadows for the perfect “smoky, but natural” eye look to wear to work. Realistically, I do my whole face in about 10 minutes, 20 at most on a day when I’m really sleepy. So, when I saw these are now available, I got super excited. They’re a cream eyeshadow that you can apply with a doe-foot or finger tip. The shadows dry down to a powdery finish. I can do a quick blend in the crease with a neutral mid-tone brown (think Hoola Bronzer shade) and then grab one of the neutral shades to just pat all over the lid. They look quick and easy (oh and stunning). They’re also currently on sale for $8.80 online right now on Flower Beauty.



I splurged about a year ago and bought the Ambient Light Palette that includes a trio of powders. They’re stunning and I love using them.  They can add a subtle glow to the skin or a brilliant highlight effect. The Edit Unlocked palette has six shades and is a big pricier, but includes 2 ambient powders, 1 bronzing powder, 2 blush powders, and 1 highlight/strobing powder. the shades are stunning. It’s definitely more of a Christmas List item or one that I will save up for for a bit.

Hourglass Ambient Light Unlocked Edit x Kristin-Marie.com


Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powder is one of my favorites. It’s so finely milled and sets down beautifully. I keep it in my stash for setting concealer and locking my foundation into place when I wear my glasses all day. But, I have dry skin, so a mattifying setting powder can be flirting with danger for my face. I really want to try this one out to see if it will help with that. It’s advertised as creating a soft lit-from-within glow but still locking down your cream/liquid products. It costs $38.00, the same as their regular setting powder.

Laura Mercier Glow Setting Powder x Kristin-Marie.com


Lush always has fantastic products and I really want to try their shampoo and conditioner bars once I use up all of my current stash of shampoo and conditioners. But their Halloween themed collection for the fall is adorable. They have monster themed bath bombs, soaps, scrubs, and jellies. Fall is my favorite time of the year aka give me all the fall-themed things!!


Lush Halloween Collection x Kristin-Marie.com


Now, I know this isn’t a brand new launch, but it did launch on August 10, 2018. I don’t think everyone has the spare cash to run out and grab one of her full sized palettes, but her mini palettes or 5 pan palettes are a great alternative. I would love to add the Camel Palette to my collection. It runs at $48.00 for 5 2.5g pans whereas the mini palettes are 5 .5g pans and cost $25.00. The Mini Star palette just launched and has some pretty pops of color in the semi-neutral mini palette.

Natasha Denona Camel Palette x Kristin-Marie.com


So that’s it for this Eyeing and Not Buying post, and a sneak peak at some new(ish) launches that I am hoping to add to my makeup collection soon. I’d love to know if you have plans to pick up these products or other new launches that disinterest you. I’ve been feeling put off with the makeup launches recently. It seems like so many brands are coming out with the same thing just in a slightly different form and creating such similar palettes at the same time. It’s definitely been a turn off. I’m hoping the holiday launches/specials may put me back in the makeup mood.


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