ViiCode Overnight Oxygen Eye Mask Review

Today we’re talking about a super cool (literally) eye mask from Vii Code! Now, this isn’t your typical eye mask and has some interesting properties that I’m excited to share with you.

The product is the Vii Code Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles. Honestly, this is a new brand to me. I did some research (as I always do with new brands) and found that the brand has some serious history that helped bring it to where it is today. They have both a beauty and skincare line by Vii.  If you’re interested in learning about the brand and their lengthy history- check it out here {link to}.


ViiCode Oxygen Overnight Eye Mask Packaging at Kristin-Marie.Com

The Eye Mask and Packaging

I received one box of eye masks to test out. It contains 6 pairs of masks and recommends you use them 1-3 times per week. These powerful little eye masks are packed with Vitamin E, grape seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, and white tea extract that are supposed to help erase those under eye bags.


My first thought opening the box was that there’s a lot of packaging going on. Each set of masks is foil wrapped and divided with a thing cardboard/paper piece between each foil packet. There is a postcard inside too! It is really nicely packaged, but I truly believe the packaging could be a little more environmentally friendly, especially since the dividers and postcard didn’t add any informational value to the experience.


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The Directions and The Test

But, more important than the packaging, is how effective they are. Each foil packet contains two eye masks. They have a cloth/fabric-textured side and the other side is a the gel-like material side that is protected by a thin plastic film. You pull the film back, apply the masks under your eyes gel side connecting with your skin, and press it gently to the skin. It will adhere itself to your under eye area. Then, you just drift off to sleep. Once you wake, you peel them off and toss them in the trash. They are an 8 hour overnight treatment which is unique in the world of other sheet/eye mask treatments.

The box suggests that for your first use, you try them out during the day if you’re wary of sleeping in a new product. So that’s what I did. I popped them on a Sunday afternoon and blogged away while I binged The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Since I had no problems with any irritation or reaction to the eye masks I continued using the product and genuinely enjoyed testing this one out! I also found the gel-like treatment side of the mask to be gentle on the under-eyes.


ViiCode Oxygen Eye Masks on


They have a very nice cooling sensation when you apply them that I delighted in.. I had a noticeable change in the darkness in my under-eye area every time I used them, but it would come back within a couple of days’ time. I tested these while I was going through a very busy time at my new job, and they truly made me look like I was well-rested for early morning meetings – even if I wasn’t. It was nice, especially when you don’t want to pack on heavy concealer every day.


And as much as I love makeup – I don’t love waking up extra early every day to get in a full beat. I think on some level we can all relate to that. I really value my sleep and there’s never enough hours in the day. But I also appreciate only getting 5-6 hours of sleep and look like I had time for 10. I genuinely am surprised at how much I love these. I’m shocked.


Girl, but do they stay on ALL night?

Now, I can be a very hard sleeper: I’m either a dead body or I look like I’m participating in a flash-mob and I’m wiggling around all night. Keeping this in mind, I only had one eye’s mask come off while I was sleeping, so the adhesive is strong. At the same time, they just lift off very gently without tugging on the delicate skin near your eyes. So thank you ViiCode for making something I enjoy using. If any of you have taped your under eye area to practice your winged liner – you know how painful it can be to pull the tape off at the end. The Oxygen Eye Masks leave no redness or irritation behind when you remove them.


The Price

My one hang up is the price $58.00 for a box of 6 masks or $174.00 for 3 boxes of 6 masks (which is the equivalent of 1 for $58). I think it is a little pricey for a mask that you want to use as often as I do. Because, I honestly really love using these little guys – and they’re a product I can’t afford to keep buying regularly.


ViiCode Eye Masks UpClose on


So my suggestion is this – if you want to splurge on yourself – go get these! They’re such a great treat. But I would use them as just that! Save them for the night or two before a big meeting or a big event. They are something I’m planning to keep in my arsenal for my wedding. I’ll buy a box or two to use before the big day and have ultra bright and youthful skin in my engagement and wedding photos and maybe even slip them into my bridesmaid gifts!


Their website offers free shipping (looks like on any purchase), a discount on your purchase, and free product samples if you spend $149.00 or more (which is super easy to do)! So there are some ways to stretch your money a little further on this purchase.


The Bottomline

Bottomline is that this is a great product. I’d love the chance to try out more of their skincare items. As I said above, the masks work. Even if it is short term, they are fulfilling the criteria they set for their product. While it is pricey, if you can afford it – GO GET YOU SOME GIRL. And if you, like me, cannot actually afford to spend that much on an eye mask for regular use, then hold off until you have a big event or party to go to. 6 sets of masks is good for 6 early mornings, overnight travels, or 6 big events. I think you’ll find them to be worth your money.


I sincerely am thankful to ViiCode for sending me this treat to experience and try out. It’s a different kind of skincare product that I’ve thoroughly treasured getting to test out!


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**Disclaimer: This post is sponsored and I am receiving compensation (either monetary, free product, or both) in exchange for testing out this product. Nonetheless, my opinion is completely honest and is in no way a reflection of the compensation received.

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  1. July 22, 2018 / 1:39 pm

    This sounds like a great product that I definitely want to try out in the future! Dark circles are not my fave, so I would for sure splurge on something like this that does the job! Thanks for sharing, Kristin!!

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