My Christmas Wishlist 2017!

So I know I mentioned on social media earlier that I was going to participate in Blogmas, but truthfully, I didn’t have time to plan it all. I’ve been working on some other projects that will be coming soon. I’m really excited about my first big (my little blogger opinion) collaboration. I did put together the main things I have on my Christmas Wishlist this year and that’s what I’m sharing below. I know it’s a little late in the season (I’m sorry Grandma!!!), but this is the first chance I’ve had to put this together. Sooo let’s get to the good stuff!

a.18-inch ring light by Neweer. Since I just bought my DSLR camera this year, and have really broken more into my Youtube channel, I’ve been dying to get one of these. They’re the ultimate accessory for beauty videos. It will allow me to film any day or night no matter the weather. I’m pretty thrilled that I found this one for such a great price! It is on Amazon here for $100.00 and it’s prime eligible.

b. Camera bag insert. Being the type of girl I am, I want to take my DSLR everywhere I can without having to tote a bulky standard camera bag around with me. Whatever bag I carry will have to be both stylish and match my mood/outfit whether that be a backpacking adventure through Europe or walking a historic city. This camera bag is the best of both. It’s an insert (with a pretty floral print) that can be slipped into any tote bag, purse, or backpack. It is padded with customizable dividers to hold plenty of camera equipment for any adventure. This is also an Amazon Prime product that is found here for $20.00.

c. Wasabi external battery charger with 2 camera batteries. This is for obvious reasons because my Sony’s battery dies rather quickly when recording video, but it would be great to have a spare or two for an all-day adventure without the worry of missing a great photo moment. I know, I know, it’s not that exciting, but I want to build my camera equipment up and what a great time to do it. It’s also on Amazon Prime here for $24.00.

d. This is my big ticket item. I doubt I’ll get this under a tree this year, but I love this. It’s an Away Carry On Suitcase in the shade Frost. I’ve had my eye on a good suitcase for quite some time, but this one stole my heart. It’s got a lifetime warranty, comes with a battery to charge your phone or tablet while you’re hanging out in the airport waiting for a layover, 4 wheels for smoother pulling/pushing power, a laundry bag, divided sides, and a hard outer shell. I’m obsessed with this little bag – even as the world’s worst over-packer. It comes from Away here and is $225.00. I see myself eventually getting one of the larger bags to check/travel within the future, but their carry on seems like the perfect bag to try.

e. Tory Burch Perfume in bel azur. Y’all I got this as a sample in my Sephora Play Box one month and fell in love. It smells so good. I’d totally be happy with this in any size, including a rollerball. It smells heavenly. I know Sephora carries this perfume, but I’m not sure where else it can be found.

f.  Laura Lee Los Angeles Cats Pajamas Palette. I know that as a beauty lover I should have jumped to purchases this when it first released, but I was hesitant and I’m not sure white. Maybe I have FOMO, but I’ve added this to my list for sure. It has a pretty range of warm tones and purples and can be used to create a variety of pretty looks. It can be found on Laura Lee Los Angeles here for $40.00.

g. cozy pjs – the set pictured is from Victoria’s Secret, but honestly, any cozy PJs are always accepted. The ones in the picture are the jogger pants and the scoop neck t, just because I think they’d make a great fit.Now, this is not an exhaustive list, but just a few ideas to get my family started. Haha. I love shopping for others more than myself, so putting this together was actually pretty hard. I always try to make sure I ask for items I will actually put to use and enjoy, rather than just something to take up space. I’d love to know what y’all have on your lists so be sure to leave me comments or send me messages to let me know! 🙂


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