Simplicity Skincare Duo – Clear Out Your Skincare Collection With This!

Do you have a cabinet or drawer full of skincare products? Is your skincare routine lacking? Do you feel overwhelmed with what products to buy for your skin type? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then look no further.  Simplicity Skincare is here to rescue you!

Simplicity Skincare was gracious enough to send me their Peptide Moisturizer Anti-Aging Cream with Retinol + Hyaluronic Acid Serum Duo to test out and review.  I received this for free, but my opinion is completely honest and truthful.

I’m going to be very upfront in saying that I was nervous to try this product — I had never heard of the brand before and couldn’t even find the website initially. I like to research the company I’m going to work with and make sure they’re someone I’d like to work with before agreeing to test out products. I didn’t have that luxury this time. But when I received the package in the mail my nerves were calmed.



I opened the cardboard shipping box and found a small handwritten note from the owner of the company, Dineen, along with the box containing the product. The box has a glossy finish and looks like a high-end skin care brand and was in a little silk bag.

The Duo comes in a decent size pump bottle which contains two .5 ounce chambers for a total of 1 ounce of product.  It is in a plastic casing which feels a little cheap to some people but is lighter than glass bottles. I prefer plastic because I carry my products to my boyfriend’s house and have a kitten who is into everything — aka I don’t want my products to break/spill. The bottle itself is silver and white frosted with teal print and a teal cap. The left chamber holds the Superior Serum.  This is a peptide serum including hyaluronic acid that helps to heal your skin and refine its texture and appearance.  The right chamber contains the moisturizer and a retinol base to help moisturize skin and boost collagen production.

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First Impressions

You take one pump from each chamber, rub them together into one and gently press brush across your skin morning and night. On the first use, the retinol serum (possibly?) stung a little on my face but quickly went away.  I don’t use many treatment type products on my skin so it was a little shock to my system if you will. The formula didn’t break me out.  Since my skin very quickly got used to the serum and moisturizer formula and didn’t have continued irritation, I kept using it. The Duo doesn’t have an overpowering smell or leave a sticky/greasy residue of any kind.  It absorbed and left my skin feeling very natural.  I didn’t have any breakouts pop up either.  It actually seemed to help keep my normal “period” aka monthly hormonal breakouts to a minimum.


I have combination skin with larger pores in my T-zone. While testing out Simplicity Skincare’s Duo, I had no issues (no matter what my skin was doing!).

Simplicity Skincare Kristin Marie Product Review Serum and Moisturizers One Pump Each

Simplicity Skincare Kristin Marie Product Review Serum and Moisturizers One Pump Each


7 days later…

I don’t let the bottle out of my sight. It’s been the only thing on my vanity all week other than my makeup brushes and mirror.  I have used it daily without fail and actually look forward to reaching for the Duo. On top of that… I’m actually seeing results.

I have some small scars that have diminished, and some smile and expression lines that are smoother and less noticeable. Y’all… my skin looks so healthy. Not only does my skin feel smoother, but it looks smoother too.  My normal redness and uneven discoloration in the mornings has minimized to a more even color across my cheeks.  My boyfriend has even made the comment to me first thing on a Saturday morning, “Did you get up and put makeup on?” To which I replied “No?” He said, “Oh under your eyes and your face looks like you have concealer on, and it’s not dark or patchy looking.” I think that speaks volumes. My dark circles look smaller, and my skin looks as smooth and even as when I have makeup on…


Dolla Dolla Bills

So the price… You can purchase this from Amazon and YES, IT’S PRIME!!! The original price tag says $72.00, which I initially thought was way steep.  But before you panic, it’s marked down to $48.00, a savings of 24%. I think $48 is much more reasonably priced. But, to calm my fears of the price tag, Dineen (the owner of the company), reached out to me to educate me about her price point and a little bit more about her product. Dineen’s idea for the brand was derived from her esthetician.  She saw her esthetician using an eye cream that retails for $140/ounce (YIKES) all over her face and neck, and she was having INCREDIBLE RESULTS. So Dineen hit the drawing board or the lab and created her Duo to mimic these results, but with a more affordable price. Yes, you are getting 2 individual products in 1: the Superior Serum which actively fights aging and improves the look of your skin, as well as the Moisture complex to soothe and hydrate your skin. Understanding this product’s backstory and purpose helps understand the price, and honestly, impresses me even more with this brand.


I’ve continued to use this serum and moisturizer well beyond the requested testing phase and can see myself purchasing another bottle at some point in the near future.  Simplicity Skincare has allowed me to have a simple skincare routine and feel like you’re still covering all of the bases.

One of my favorite aspects of this is that one pump from each chamber is the PERFECT amount. I hate metered pumps that give too much – they feel like a waste. Or what’s possibly worse are the pumps that give too little and you have to pump two or three times to get enough product… which feels like an even BIGGER waste.

I also really like that this product is created for everyone.  It’s not heavy or over drying, if you already have dry skin and the moisturizer isn’t sticky or too much if you have oily skin. It absorbs quickly if you’re a lady who’s hustling to get out the door or into your bed to maximize sleeping hours (I raise my own hand!). It’s one of those products you want in your arsenal to shorten your daily skin care routine.

Honestly, I think this is a wonderful way to declutter some of the excess skincare items in your cabinet or drawers – trade in two products for on, and ACTUALLY SEE RESULTS. I’probably not going to repurchase this immediately since my skin care collection is a little excessive right now, but as I said, I will most likely repurchase it in the future.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Dineen, for sending me this amazing product.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your brand. You can find out more about Dineen, her product, and the Simplicity Skincare Brand at


Simplicity Skincare Kristin Marie Product Review Serum and Moisturizers One Pump Each Before Photo

Simplicity Skincare Kristin Marie Product Review Serum and Moisturizers One Pump Each Before Photo After



As an added Bonus: Dineen has provided me with a gracious discount code to save an additional $10.00 off each unit until Midnight on October 1, 2017. Use code BK2SCHOL at checkout and shoot me an email if you have any issues!


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FTC DISCLAIMER - This product was sent to me for free to review, but my opinions are honest and my own.  I was not paid for this post.

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