Your Secret Weapon to Fight Blemished Skin in 2017!

I recently posted about my skincare routine and gave a basic rundown of how I keep it simple, yet effective. Like most, I tend to just repurchase the same products when I run out. But with the New Year in full swing I have tried a few new products that you need in your collection!

DermaE sent me their charcoal mask and their daily purifying charcoal scrub to try out.  These were sent to me for free, but this is my honest opinion of the products.  I spent over a week using these daily and this is what I’ve found:


Purifying Daily Detox Charcoal Scrub

After the first use, this product didn’t blow me away.  I had super high expectations because I love charcoal face masks, so at first I was a little let down with the scrub.  I was expecting immediate results, and didn’t get them.  But a few days into using this scrub I had an ah-ha moment!  

This scrub is gentle on your skin and combines the magnetizing powers of activated charcoal with apricot seed powder exfoliants to lift away oil, dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells leaving your skin silky and clean.  One of my favorite aspects is the cooling sensation created by the small amount of menthol in the scrub.  It’s not painful or overwhelming, and honestly I didn’t even notice it during the first use.  

The reason I didn’t notice an immediate change is because this is a gentle cleansing scrub.  And let’s be honest most products don’t drastically alter the appearance of your skin after one use. It’s effective and will show its power over several uses.  

I’m not a fan of using an exfoliator on my skin daily, so I tend to use it 2-3 times a week and even pair it with my usual tea-tree oil cleanser.  I think this is a great product if you’re looking for a multi-tasking exfoliator.  It cleanses, scrubs, and detoxes your skin, and leaves behind a cool refreshed face.

DermaE charcoal scrub and detoxifying face mask

Purifying Charcoal 2 in 1 Charcoal Mask

Now this product is one to get excited about the first time you use it.  I know I already said this, but I LOVE CHARCOAL MASKS. They clean out every single pore on your face. And this mask is no exception.

It’s not just an ordinary face mask with activated charcoal… it goes the extra mile. You apply this like a typical mud mask and let it soak in and dry.  I will say this mask dries rather quickly, which is a positive in my eyes.  Who likes to sit for an hour waiting on a face mask to dry… not me.

As you watch this charcoal mask dry, you can literally see it sinking into your pores. Not even joking; it looks gross, but soooo cool.  You know this baby is going to put in work.  After the mask has dried and set, hop in the shower or go to your sink to rinse, but don’t jump the gun.

This mask is ALSO A SCRUB! So when you go to rinse away, add a little water and feel the apricot seed exfoliants gently removing any other dirt, oil, or makeup you may still have on your skin.  I love products that are multi-taskers. Nothing is better than a product that can handle cleaning your pores, and the surface of your skin at the same time AND does an amazing job at both.  

This mask doesn’t have the same cooling effect as the scrub (there’s no menthol in it), but that doesn’t bother me.  I really enjoy using this.  It’s a reliable product and you know what your results will be every time you use it.  

DermaE Charcoal Mask in action

Overall Opinions…

The week I tried these products out happened to be the week of my period, so my skin was a total nightmare.  I hardly ever get breakouts, except for my period week.  I go from oily to dry to broken out to blackheads.  Ew.  I had so many breakouts around my mouth and nose this month, and it was awful.  And for once these actually cleared it up faster than my typical skincare routine.  I was so impressed.  My skin was soft, glowing, and not too dry or too oily the entire week.

The only downfall is the full size 2 in 1 mask is only 1.7 ounces.  I wish this full size was the same as the cleansing scrub, which weighs in at  a whopping 4 ounces.  Also the charcoal mask costs almost $4.00 more than the larger bottle of the detox-cleansing scrub.  Albeit the mask being slightly pricey for the quantity you are receiving, these two products are definitely worth the money.  These can be found at Ulta, Walgreens, CVS, Sprouts, Whole Foods, or you can order directly from DermaE.  Unfortunately, DermaE does not ship internationally or to Canada at this time.

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DermaE is a cruelty free, vegan, and free of those pesky GMOs.  They have recently released new packaging on all of their products, so make sure to check them out! If you’re interested in more about their company I highly recommend checking out DermaE’s Website.  

By far my favorite aspect of this company is their one time offer for every new customer.  On their website under Sales and Specials, DermaE has a free Sample Box.  Free might be overstating it, slightly.  But they only charge $4.95 (standard shipping) and will send you a box full of samples of various products they offer.  Included is also a $5.00 coupon (negates the shipping), and a catalog that gives you the rundown of all of the products they offer. The main reason I love this is because you can’t go grab a sample from Sephora.  These are only available online and at drugstores and Ulta (which really needs to invest in a sample system– just saying).

You can also read my review about their daytime and nighttime moisturizers here: The Moisturizers You Need!!

Also, if you have used any of their products, I want to know your opinions! Please let me know in the comments below! If you have any questions about these, don’t hesitate to ask! đŸ™‚DermaE detox scrub and charcoal mask

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