Winter Skincare Routine

I’m gonna be very honest up front: for a beauty lover I am incredibly lazy when it comes to skincare.  I love to make things as simple as possible.  But when winter strikes, even I amp up my hydration and resort to my winter skincare routine to avoid a dry, irritated face and body.

I know from the photo below it may seem slightly overwhelming, but I promise it isn’t.  I’m going to break it down by what I do, and then I’ll explain my favorite products. Oh and before we dive in, this post contains affiliate links from which I can earn a few pennies.

My Winter Skincare Routine

I use these simple steps to care for my skin in the harsh, dry winter air:

    I either wash my face in the shower or take off my makeup with a makeup remover wipe. Additionally, I use micellar water first thing in the morning to remove any crust, dryness, or excess moisturizer to start my day with fresh skin. 
    I have a daytime moisturizer and nighttime moisturizer and apply first thing in the morning and right before bed.
    I sometimes squeeze in multiple treatments or masks in a week, but it’s not always guaranteed.  At the bare minimum I try to do one of each (a mask and a treatment) each week.

And, that’s it.  That’s my bare minimum and it’s incredibly easy to work this into your routine.  It can take as little as 18 days for a person to create a new habit.  Anyone can follow a routine, but you have to have the right tools to make a difference.  All of these are affordable options and happen to be my current favorites (I do like to switch it up from time to time).

Kristin Review - Kristin's Favorite Winter Skin Care Products and Routine - St. Ives Loreal Garnier Derma E Valentia 7th Heaven

I’m very lazy with my skincare, so I keep it as simple as possible.


St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub – I keep this exfoliator in my shower and use it every time I wash.  The scent is light and fresh. I love this scrub because it its gentle on my skin (you can use it daily with no dryness), combats blackheads, and leaves your face feeling soft and silky smooth. It takes away all the dirt, debris, and most of my makeup each day.  I’ve tried many face scrubs and always find myself coming back to this one.  A dime sized drop is perfect to scrub away all the dirt and stress that has accumulated throughout the day.

St. Ives green tea blackhead clearing scrub and garnier micellar water

Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water – I think this is in every girl’s collection.  I was very unsure of how I felt about this product for a long time. I mean I was dead set on finishing the bottle, tossing it out, and never looking back. But then it dawned on me that I was using this product a lot and was actually pretty satisfied with it. This clear water looking solution has turned into a pillar of my skincare routine.

**As a side note – I prefer the pink bottle over the blue. The blue one is their waterproof formula and leaves behind an oil sheen on your face. I can’t stand it.

I have a tendency to not take my makeup off before I shower and to hardcore moisturize in the evenings and this is miracle water is the solution to my raccoon eyes and overly-hydrated face in the mornings. Just give the bottle a light shake and squeeze a few drops onto a cotton pad and wipe your face.  It will take off your night time moisturizer or any black eyes left behind from your mascara in the shower and leave your face feeling clean and ready to go.

I always keep makeup remover wipes on hand to take my makeup off if I feel the need to. Hah. I’m awful at it though… sigh.


For this, I use DermaE. I love their daytime and nighttime moisturizers and use them accordingly. I’ve written a full review of them here: The Moisturizer You Need: DermaE  (don’t worry, the link opens in a new tab). I love their products so much.  It’s hydrating but not oily, and is something every girl needs.  A little goes a long way with these so each jar will last you basically forever. You can buy this rockstar skincare line at drugstores or at Ulta (and probably on sale!). 

DermaE day and nigh cream moisturizers

derma e day and night cremes

Left to Right: day crème and night crème. The night crème is thicker and works hard to keep your skin luminous and hydrated throughout the night.

This is a step I don’t skip in my routine. NO MATTER WHAT. Especially in the winter. Dry skin will be flaky, itchy, and just all around unattractive. 


As I mentioned earlier, once I week I use a treatment or two on my face. The bare minimum is once a week. I switch between my retinol serum and face masks — the masks are probably my favorite though.

Valentia’s Night Time Retinol Serum is my go to when I don’t feel like taking the time to do a face mask. I wrote a full review of it here: Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum (this link also opens in a new tab). It’s a milky serum that helps fight aging and wrinkles over night while you sleep. It does all the work without you having to do it. #LazyGirlsWin

valentia night revive retinol serum

As far as masks go, 7th Heaven takes the cake.  These “single mask” foil packets actually contain enough for 2-3 masks on my face. They have peels and wash-offs. I can’t get enough of them. These are super inexpensive and can be bought at Walmart, drugstores, Target, Ulta, Amazon, etc. My favorite one is the Tea Tree Peel Off mask for relaxation. It has a cooling effect on the skin and I can’t stop buying them!

7th heaven face masks

When I want something a little more intense than the foil packet masks, I reach for a clay mask, like L’Oréal’s Pure Clay Charcoal Mask. This puppy goes to work on your skin. You just put a little on your entire face, let it dry, and then wash it away. This mask sinks into each pore and pulls out all of the dirt. This drugstore mask is a must have. You can’t go wrong with this. It’s like a dirt and grime magnet. It’s inexpensive AND powerful. I mean just look at how deep it goes into my pores to pull everything out. I love this mask.

l'oreal paris pure clay charcoal mask

l'oreal charcoal clay mask

SERIOUSLY… Look how far this went into each pore while it dries. Talk about working for you.

A few other wintertime skin care tips:

  • Moisturize your body- often. Not just your face.
  • keep lotion in your purse or at your desk. I love Soap & Glory’s the Righteous Butter. So silky smooth and such a small quantity is needed.
  • Protect your skin from the wind- wear jackets and scarves.

Just remember that the cold, dry winter can be harsh on your skin and that it’s important to take care of it, especially your face. I’ve laid out my skincare routine and how I keep it looking clean, smooth, and at its best. You can follow this as a guide and should definitely try out these products.

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