Saying Goodbye to 2016

2016 has been, by far, one of the best year’s of my life.  I’ve gone through some major personal changes and have grown up a lot.  So many blessings have come into my life this year and I have learned so much about blogging and myself along the way. I just wanted to spend a few moments reflecting on some of my favorite parts of this year and the habits and things I’ll be saying goodbye to in 2016.


This year I decided to finally start a blog and stick with it.  So far, I’ve done a decent job.  I need to get better organized for the coming year *note to self.* I purchased my own domain — more on that here. According to Google AdSense, I’ve made almost $60.00 off of my ad space since October 10th.  I know that’s not much at all, but you have to know, I’ve barely been putting any effort into my blog.  I’ve been planning and scheming and I’m going to be taking over in 2017! (LOL) But seriously, I’m going to be putting a lot more time and energy into blogging. If I want to supplement my income, I have to be willing to work for it! I’ve given this blog several facelifts since her first launch, but I’m pretty content and enjoying the learning curve I’m on.

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In my personal life, I’ve managed to get my IBS in check mostly.  I have good days and bad days, but now it’s mostly good. I’ve also gained back my weight to where I look and feel healthy.  There for awhile, I was getting reallllly skinny realllllly fast.  I’m definitely putting more of an effort into working out and being healthy (Posts on this to come).  This has been a huge win for me this year.

I also had my one year anniversary with my boyfriend! Earlier this year we also went on a Road Trip to New York City, and it was the most magical five days.  I’ve never walked so much in my entire life! I can finally say I’ve found my person. No one else understands my love of pizza, lounging, and alone time as well as he does. We are complete opposites and the same person at the same time. It’s oddly the best combination of personalities. And to think, it all started over a cup of coffee at 10:30 pm on Halloween. Swo0o0o0on!

I have also finished my formal educational career (I think). I’ve graduated from my post-baccalaureate program and have started a full-time job as a Paralegal in a small law firm.  I work for two very nice, intelligent, laid-back attorneys. The pay is decent and the hours aren’t terrible either. I’ve it pretty good there.  It’s a lot of hard work and I’m the only one there to do it, but it’s kind of my own territory.  I thoroughly enjoy it, for now.  Next up is the state certification test in the spring.


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So while this year has been a very eventful one in celebrity news, the USA’s election, and just generally around the world. I’m currently working on putting together my personal and blogging goals for 2017. So keep checking back for that post coming soon!

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