November & December Ipsy Bags

Between finals, graduating, and beginning my full time job, I managed to let my November Ipsy slip my mind.  And with it being the last week of December, I’ve almost forgotten this one too. So I figured I would quickly break down the products received and a mini review of them all.

November Ipsy

November Ipsy 2016

EYEKO SKINNY EYELINER DELUXE IN BLACK – I really liked the pen and the deep blackness of the liner pen, but I was only able to use it once. The very tip was dried out and only the bigger part of the pen had any liner in it, which was a bummer. I’ve heard other people say they had problems with how dry the pen was. I was looking forward to putting the smudge-proof liner to the test.

PUR-LISSE BLUE BLOTUS BALANCING MOISTURIZER – I have had multiple moisturizers come from my Ipsy, and I’m in the middle of another jar of my moisturizer soooooooo I haven’t opened this yet. It’s one of my smaller moisturizer samples I have gotten, but I will use it once my Derma-e runs out.  This one boasts white tea and vitamin E AND anti-inflammatory properties. What more does a girl need?!

SLMISSGLAM W20 ANGLED EYE BRUSH – I’m not a huge fan of the angled eye brushes, but this one is synthetic and a pretty white (even though it’s not my favorite color aka black). I’m not a fan of the cheap looking rhinestones glued to the ferrule, but I’m sure someone will like them. The brush fibers are actually nice, if you can get past the cheap appearance.

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA – Hello, a cult favorite arrived. I love getting mascara samples when they’re phenomenal brands like this! I have received a few other mascara tubes in my bags, but this one definitely takes the cake. I can’t wait to try it out!


ModelCo Contour Stick and Eyeko Eyeliner November Ipsy 2016

Left to right: ModelCo Contour Stick and Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner


MODELCO CONTOUR STICK – The concept of this stick is so intriguing to me, but I can’t get over the almost orange color it creates on the skin. It’s incredibly warm toned for a contour stick and is rather sticky. ModelCo has room for improvement on this one, but I am looking for something similar by a different brand to try out.



December Ipsy 2016

SYMPHONY BEAUTY SNOW CREAM MOISTURIZER – This is the silkiest moisturizer that feels almost like a putty or gel when you first touch it.  I didn’t notice too much of a scent when I opened it and the little container is adorable. It’s supposed to have a brightening effect on the skin and leave no tackiness to the touch.

MINTPEAR BEAUTY BLENDING SPONGE – This beauty sponge felt like it had potential, but when I tested it out this week it didn’t get any softer when it was dampened. I have a $4.00 sponge from TJ Maxx that makes this sponge look like a rookie. I love the shape of it, but it has NO give when tapping your product across your face.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP PRISMATIC SHADOW IN JADED – This solidly sized single shadow comes in an adorable silver and black container.  Jaded is a beautiful cool tone dark green shadow that has a duo chrome effect to it. Upon application, the shadow looked silver. I even double checked against Ipsy’s site to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I can’t wait to wear this color more! I would have loved to receive a more neutral shade, but this one is absolutely gorgeous.

city color matte blush palette and nyx eyeshadow in jaded

TARTE COSMETICS DELUXE MARACUJA OIL – Supposedly this oil is amazing for many uses. I haven’t tried it yet. Face oils terrify me. I have a fear of looking like a grease ball.  Ipsy says you can use this oil for your skin, hair, a manicure (?), and even taking off your makeup. I’m thrilled to get one of my favorite brands in my Ipsy.

CITY COLOR COSMETICS BE MATTE BLUSH IN FRESH MELON, BLACKBERRY, AND GUAVA – The colors in this mini palette are really pretty, but the swatches come across patchy.  It’s almost as if the powders are too soft.


city colors matte blush palette and nyx jaded swatches

Left to Right: Swatches of the blush palette and a swatch of the nyx jaded eyeshadow single.


If you’re thinking that I have something extra in that top photo of my December bag, you’re right.  I turned in my rewards points for a Beauty Junkees highlighter brush! I love this thing.  I use it every day.  So far, I’ve seen no shedding and the brush is super soft.


I definitely was more pleased with the December bag, but I am thinking of possibly cancelling in the next couple of months. I’m entering a time where I want to save as much as possible and pay down my student loans and this would be $120.00 per year in savings. It’s nothing against Ipsy, but it is one of the areas that I can cut back on my spending and allot a little less to beauty purchases in the coming year.

Ipsy has definitely given me a lot of great products, but I do think that I would be better off saving up my money and cutting my beauty spending.  I can always start back if I change my mind. Again, it’s not for certain, but it’s something I’ve been considering for a little while.


If you’ve thought of signing up for Ipsy, check their website out here *my affiliate link – everyone has one.* For $10.00 a month you get 5 beauty products and an adorable makeup back. The products range from samples to full-sized products and indie to high-end brands. It’s a great deal and can help keep you from spending excess money on makeup all the time!

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