Coffee Break: Catch Up With Me

Coffee Break Catch Up With Me

Let me start off by apologizing for not being consistent in my posts lately! Life has been getting the best of me y’all.

SO WHAT’S UP?! I have three tests coming up next week at school, and they are killers. One teacher recently had a baby (the first week of school) so she hasn’t been actually teaching, but the test is still on…. CAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE!?! Anyways, I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time studying and stressing. The American Bar Association is coming to review our school next week too; they have to decide if we keep our accreditation or not, so it’s kind of a big deal.

Also, I work in a small law firm – two paralegals and two attorneys – and the attorneys fired the other paralegal. I’ve been stuck manning the ship the past couple of weeks. This hasn’t been easy with an upcoming trial and the responsible attorney going out of town on vacation (and I went out of town and we had the Labor Day holiday). The timing of all of this could not have been worse. I met the new girl and she rocks. I’m overjoyed to work with someone who has so much experience and knowledge as a paralegal. WOO!!!

Bonus, my boyfriend moved out of his apartment yesterday and back into his parents’ house since he’s heading back to school and will have to cut back time at work.

So as you can see the pressure has been on and I’ve been drowning… and neglecting blogging. I do have some AWESOME posts coming soon, so don’t leave! I’ve been accepted to participate in some awesome programs and have been doing a little shopping that I think you’re going to want to hear about. I’ve also been nominated for a couple of blog awards! I will get to those too!

THE UPSIDE TO EVERYTHING: I did manage to get away last weekend and spend some much needed time with my BFF. We went back to our college town and it was so nice. We hit the beach, had dinner out, went to the beach bars, and of course did a little shopping. I didn’t get too crazy with the shopping because I knew I had some online orders on the way.

I hit up Sephora for a new mascara and grabbed their 7-in-1. It’s not waterproof but doesn’t leave dark circles under my eyes by the end of the day! A MIRACLE HAS BEEN FOUND. It’s only $12.00, so it’s a little pricier than drugstore mascara, but also better quality. I’m not mad it!

Sephora Mascara and Lipstick

I got a free lipstick sample that is to die for. It’s Sephora’s brand Rouge Shine in the shade number 14 Love Spell. It feels like lip balm and is just a light pinky-hint on the lips. It’s gorgeous.

Also, Bath & Body Works had a candle sale and all of their fall candles out — yep, I got sucked in. I bought four tiny candles that have some kickin’ power. They are leaves, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, marshmallow fireside, and vanilla pumpkin marshmallow. They smell so incredible. It’s bringing the fall season into full swing in my room and I haven’t even burned them yet. Bonus, I got a coupon for a free full-sized body product with my next purchase… which just so happens to be my birthday month! YES!

Fall Candles- Bath & Body Works

Please hang tight with me for the next week and I promise I will be back with a vengeance 😉

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