September Makeup Throwaways & Simple Collection Organization

September Makeup Throwaways and Collection OrganizationI’ve had a pretty hectic holiday weekend after having another super stressful week between work and school. I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging regularly.

I woke up on Saturday morning to find ants crawling on my bedroom floor and throughout my clean clothes that were waiting to be put away. EW! I was so irritated. A BIG thank you to the tropical storm that just blew through the region motivating the ants to take up residence in my room (eye roll).

This disastrous infestation (okay I’m a tiny bit dramatic) forced me into full on cleaning mode, which resulted in me cleaning out my makeup collection among other things. This was much needed though! I got rid of quite a few products and reorganized my collection.

Parting with makeup, even items I never use is still hard. Every makeup lover knows this. But sometimes you have to rip off the bandaid and move on.

What did I throwaway?

And why?!

September Throwaways

Elf Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter – I believe I grabbed this in the lightest shade available from Target and there’s a couple of reasons I’m tossing it. First, the concealer doesn’t conceal. I love light weight products, but this takes light weight to a whole new level of sheer. The highlight doesn’t highlight very well on my skin…. like at all. The icing on the cake was when I tried to twist the highlight wand back into the tube and the plastic that connects both tubes cracked and now I have two pieces. At least I only wasted a couple of dollars on this.

Covergirl TruBlend Minerals in 410 face powder and 435 bronzer – The reason I’m tossing the face powder is the glitter. Yes. A face powder that is straight up shimmery. I love highlight as much as the next girl, but NOT in my foundation powder. The bronzer is a super pigmented, but very warm tone bronzer. It is so shimmery that I don’t have words. I might consider hanging onto this one if it wasn’t a loose powder. I personally can’t handle the loose powder. It gets everywhere. Also, the lids on both of these containers have cracked. Yep.

Crest Be Dynamic – This toothpaste is lime spearmint. This was a sample I received at some on campus promotion at college. I don’t do flavors in my toothpaste other than mint. The lime is a no-go for this girl.

Essence All About Matt – This mattifying powder leaves the worst white cast on my skin (and I’m not even that tan). It does a decent job of mattifying my under eye area, but the white cast makes every little baby hair on my face stand out. The compact lid snapped off too. Go figure. That’s a common theme for today.

Black Poppy rollerball perfume – I believe this scent is from PacSun? I’ve had it so long it just smells like alcohol.

September Brokens & Throwaways

Four Sided Nail Block – This run-of-the-mill buffing block has been good to me, but doesn’t cut it when compared to a real nail file (a soft one). I had to toss it for a better file/buffer.

Madeleine Mono Special Effects Face Powder – This came in a cosmetique subscription my grandmother had. It has no pigmentation in the bronzer or highlighter so, I’m not hanging onto it. Not when I have Benefit and Becca backing me in those departments.

eos lip balm egg – I’m tossing all of these. I’ve seen several new stories about these causing blisters on people’s mouths, plus I believe I used these while I had cold sores, so better safe than sorry.

Covergirl Whipped Cream Foundation – I have the shade 305. The formulation has a really intense smell that is a turnoff to me. It also emphasizes my fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and nose, which I’m pretty sure we can all agree is not okay.

This random powder pot named “mini multipurpose powder light” – This powder isn’t light at all. It’s almost a bronzer shade, but doesn’t show up even as an eyeshadow at all…. Goodbye. We don’t have room for you.

Swatches of September Throwaways

Swatches of the mattifying powder, two palettes, and loose foundation & bronzer

Nyx Natural Shadow Palette – These shades have zero pigmentation except for the darkest shade. These shades kick up a lot of excess powder. I see no point in holding on to a neutral palette when I have two Naked Palettes that I used all the time. Save your money. There are way better neutral color palettes at the drugstore. I’ve heard great reviews of the elf palette that dupes the Naked Palettes, which only cost a dollar or two more than this one.

Rimmel Eyeshadow Quad in Sun Safari – This palette does kick up excess product when you use it. I will say it does show up on my eyes, but only a little bit. You really have to work for it. Again, it’s not worth holding onto when I don’t use it. I’m letting mom try it out since she has fairer skin than I do before I toss it.

elf lip exfoliator – The stick broke, but it was very dry and didn’t exfoliate my lips very well. I’m not sure if I got an old one or if it just doesn’t work for me.

Ulta Beauty Double Duty Lip Stain and Balm – I have two different shades, I forgot to get the names of them, but both of the stains and the balms dried up before I could even use them once. It’s about time I toss them.

Elf 144 Shade Palette – I believe this palette is a holiday edition that comes out every year around Christmas, but I could be wrong. I got it YEARS ago and clearly only used the neutral brown shades. It has really pretty pigmentation, but the palette itself is huge and inconvenient. I am such a hardcore Naked Palette girl, so I don’t even battle this beast anymore. It has a lot of really gorgeous shades in it, but I just don’t use them, plus this is way out of date.

Elf cosmetics 144 shade holiday palette

How I Organized My Makeup

Since I’m still in college, I’m living with my parents (I only can work part time right now, so I can’t afford to live on my own). I don’t have the space in my room to store my makeup so I keep it in the bathroom vanity, which isn’t very pretty (sorry mom & dad – you guys know I’m right). It does the job though, so no complaints here. Everything boils down to two drawers. I like to keep it simple.

The top drawer:

This houses my every day go-to products. It has my daily moisturizer, night moisturizer, three foundations, my Urban Decay Naked palettes (original and 2), my Tarte Double Duty Beauty Palette in Courage, my Becca highlight, Benefit bronzer, mascara, brown eyeliner, eye and face primer, and mascara, etc. Just the simple, quick looks and the products I reach for every day.

The second drawer: 

I have two little baskets in the next drawer.

The first one is the bigger basket which has all of my other products in it. It has my single shadows, creme blushes and highlighters, my gel eyeliner, liquid liner pens, and lippies. It’s essentially the stuff I don’t reach for every day, but use for special occasions or days when I have a little more time to do my makeup.

The other basket is smaller and has my duplicate products. I have my extra mascaras, basic black liner pencils, etc in this basket. This keeps me from purchasing more products than necessary…. I mean who needs 42 black mascaras or 12 black eyeliner pencils?!


I’m really satisfied with cleaning out my collection and rearranging everything I own. I’ve been in a cleansing mood lately. See my previous post Five Minute Friday: Help for why cleaning out can improve your mood and be a total stress reliever!

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