Ipsy – July 2016

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One of my favorite things to do is to browse the Internet, YouTube (I have a channel, but don’t post videos), and even the stores for new makeup products and tools to buy. The problem is, they’re all “money traps” as my undergrad finance professor called them. Even though I thought he was crazy at the time, he was right. These sites and stores are designed and setup to catch your attention and draw you in. I am forever swatching stripes of lippies and eyeshadows up and down my arms when I’m in these stores [dangerous for the wallet]! Somehow I always find myself walking away with something I “need” and oftentimes it’s an item I barely use. I’ve gotten better about researching my products and looking to get the best deal prior to going out and purchasing, but I still have a tendency to spend more than I should.

The Good Stuff:
To solve this crisis of habitual browsing and shopping, I signed up for Ipsy. Most of you have heard of this subscription service, but I’ll tell you a little bit about it, just incase. For $10 a month you get 5 sample sized beauty products shipped free to your mailbox in a new makeup bag. You can review the products received for points that can be spent on full sized products through Ipsy’s website, often at a discounted price. Your subscription is personalized. You take a short survey which asks about your hair, eye, and skin color, what products you use, how willing you are to try new things, etc. It’s pretty great. This month I received my first bag, and I’m not disappointed.


This month’s products came in an adorable reflective bag with little peppermint-looking candies on the front. Inside I found five great products. I’ve added links to the websites that sell the full sized products (I’m not an affiliate for any of these brands!)

  1. Luxie: 215 Small Angle Eye Brush – Its bristles are firm, yet have a good amount of flexibility to them. It can be used to apply gel liner for a winged look, for filling in brows with a pomade or gel, or for applying shadow to the lower lash line for smokey eyes. I plan to use it for the latter, seeing as I’m missing small, controlled eye brushes from my collection. This brush is $10 by itself, so the bag is already worth what I paid. This brand is vegan and cruelty and paraben free! Here’s the Small Angle Eye Brush I received.
  2. Eva NYC: Get Glossed! Hair Serum – This hair oil smells phenomenal. The Ipsy website says to shake well before use. I take a small amount of the serum and rub it between my palms to reduce the chance of my clumsy-self applying it all to one section of hair. I work the oil from about mid-way down my strands to the tips on damp hair before blow-drying (don’t put it on your roots or else your hair can look greasy and dirty). It helps to tame the frizziness I have. I’m definitely looking into buying a full-sized bottle when I run out of the current hair oil I have. The full sized bottle comes as a spray and retails for $18.00 for 1.7 ounces. They’re currently running a special on it!
  3. The Balm: Meet Matt(e) Trimony in Matt Kumar – This is a matte burgundy eyeshadow and it is beautiful. This is the perfect color to blend into the outer corner of the eyes for a warm smokey eye. Here’s the full-sized Matt(e) Trimony Palette. The color I received is the middle shade of the nine. Eye shadow is one of my biggest weaknesses, even though I usually gravitate towards neutral brown shades (think Urban Decay’s Naked Palette). I fully intend on using this shade regularly.
  4. treStiQue: Highlighter Stick in Maldives Luminescent – This is a cream stick highlighter. It applies as a sheen, rather than a full on highlighter. It shows up lovely on tanned skin, but isn’t overly pigmented. It will still make a beautiful highlight on lighter skin tones, too. I used this highlighter stick on top of my foundation and concealer and then applied my Becca Opal highlighter on top. This created a gorgeous highlight that wasn’t too over the top and allowed me to use less of my high-end Becca highlighter. This stick highlight is great stand-alone, also. It is easy to blend out and applies smooth and evenly. The treStiQue website show has this highlighter stick retailing for $34.00, so getting the mini in my glam bag is definitely a steal!
  5. Model Co.: Power Lash Mascara in Black – This is your typical black mascara. It has the standard wand and glides on smooth. It coats my lashes, but isn’t clumpy. You know how some mascaras “thicken” your lashes… this one doesn’t. It just coats each individual lash making them darker and longer. It’s great for a quick “no makeup” look and for bottom lashes (no smudges!). I couldn’t find the full size product on their website, which is super odd.

I think I’m going to enjoy my Ipsy subscription because I am receiving sample sizes (sometimes full sizes) of products that are of excellent quality, new products some from brands I have never tried, and are only costing me $10 per month. It’s encouraging me to stay away from mindless spending, plus I’m earning rewards points towards full sized versions of products that Ipsy sends. Ipsy also offers discounts on these products in their store! I think it’s a win-win situation. Yes, I am spending $120 per year on my subscription, but am receiving 60 new products throughout the year, 12 new makeup bags, and it’s keeping me from spending at least $20 on new products from Ulta and the drugstores each visit. I know some months will be less favorable than others, but I’m going to give it a try. I know there are many subscription services offered, so if Ipsy doesn’t workout, I am willing to try others.

If you are interested in signing up, you can use the link below. It will help by giving me a few points (not sure how many) if you sign up. I contemplated this decision for several months before finally caving, but I think it will be beneficial to my wallet and it’s something I will enjoy.

Stay beautiful! xoxo.

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