I thought I would start a coffee break series where it’s my time to catch you guys up with my life, get to know me a little better, and even get to know some of you! I don’t want to just be a stranger on the other side of a screen — let’s be friends! 🙂

Blog_Tazo1Recently, my life has been crazy, and I’ve made my blog my top priority to keep it going strong! I already have 57 followers in ONE month! I know that’s literally nothing compared to most of you guys, but I am so proud of that! I’ve worked really hard for all 57 of you and am so thankful all of you have chosen to read what I have to say!

Okay, to the point.

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I think the number one factor in being beautiful and healthy is happiness.

I have a notorious habit of getting overwhelmed and frustrated easily, which can put me in quite the funk. I don’t want to do my makeup, my hair, or even get out of my sweatpants, but I have found several things that are good at lifting my spirits and cheering me up. I thought I’d take a second to share these ideas with you: View Post

You’re sitting in class and go to pull your hair up before your big exam, and your hair tie snaps. You reach in your bag to grab a new one and a pencil, and they’re both gone from where you let your BFF borrow them last week. At the same time you realize your lips are chapped, your stomach is growling, you still haven’t started your exam, and now you start to panic….This is a true story. I’ve been there – more than once.

Enter: the Back To School Essentials Kit.

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Double Duty Beauty in Classic Courage x Tarte- Palette Review & Makeup Look

Hey everyone!

Since I’m usually on the go and spend many nights and weekends either at my boyfriend’s apartment or out of town at my best friend’s house, I’m always on the lookout for travel friendly makeup. It generally needs to be durable and compact to keep my makeup bag a reasonable size. The keyword is reasonable. I always am prepared to do a full face, and aim to carry products that can be quick and easy for errands or done up more for a night out.

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