I decided to break out of my comfort zone and rock a Sunset Smokey Eye inspired by Jaclyn Hill’s Morphe 35o Palette tutorial. I didn’t copy every detail of Jaclyn’s tutorial, but it’s very similar. I’m going to write about all of the products used to create this look. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them!Morphe 35O Palette Sunset Smokey Eye Tutorial

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September Makeup Throwaways and Collection OrganizationI’ve had a pretty hectic holiday weekend after having another super stressful week between work and school. I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging regularly.

I woke up on Saturday morning to find ants crawling on my bedroom floor and throughout my clean clothes that were waiting to be put away. EW! I was so irritated. A BIG thank you to the tropical storm that just blew through the region motivating the ants to take up residence in my room (eye roll).

This disastrous infestation (okay I’m a tiny bit dramatic) forced me into full on cleaning mode, which resulted in me cleaning out my makeup collection among other things. This was much needed though! I got rid of quite a few products and reorganized my collection.

Parting with makeup, even items I never use is still hard. Every makeup lover knows this. But sometimes you have to rip off the bandaid and move on.

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When I first started my blog (about two months ago), I was eager to make my site the biggest and the best, and I quickly found that I was way out of my league (kind of). There are so many amazing bloggers out there with flawless layouts AND posts. This can be super intimidating to a new blogger, especially those of use who don’t even own a domain. But have no fear. I’m going to share with you a few workarounds for things on your site that seem impossible with just a wordpress.com account**. I’ve done a lot of research and tried and failed a few  many times. This post will address having two home pages (you may not know you have this, yet), linking to your Bloglovin’ account without the button they provide that doesn’t work on wordpress.com sites, showing categories in a dropdown menu, the “read more” button to a post (only showing the first few lines of a post), and limiting the number of posts that display on your front page.

Wordpress.com Site Tips For Improving Your Blog

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Get organized quickly and simply

Getting organized may seem like a daunting task, but when it is broken down into smaller steps, organization is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. Organizing your life (yes I’m talking total over haul) will relieve stress, make you more productive, save money, and is simple to keep up with once you get it all together. If you’re thinking I’m crazy, then consider this:

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. – Benjamin Franklin

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I received my August Glam Bag earlier this week, so I don’t feel comfortable writing a full review of these products, but I will give my first impressions and a little info about the companies and prices, etc. Here’s the goodies that were in my bag: View Post