Morphe Brushes. Most of you beauties already know exactly what I’m talking about. Their company has become one of my favorites in recent months and has won the hearts of many other makeup lovers, too. Their popularity skyrocketed thanks to the one and only Jaclyn Hill, who is always raving about them on her YouTube Channel (you have to check her out if you haven’t already.

I don’t have many of their products, but the ones I do have are AMAZING if you are trying to save some dough and get high quality products. Yes, you read that correctly! You get BOTH!!

They are best known for their brushes. Morphe offers 10 different brush lines on their site which range in price based upon the materials they are made of and the type of bristle on the brushes. Each line has similar brush shapes/types (blush, contour, powder, eye brushes, etc.).

I have purchased several of their brushes and I love them all! The ones currently in my collection are: View Post

Ipsy – July 2016

[If you don’t want to read all of this and want to skip to the good stuff, scroll down!]

One of my favorite things to do is to browse the Internet, YouTube (I have a channel, but don’t post videos), and even the stores for new makeup products and tools to buy. The problem is, they’re all “money traps” as my undergrad finance professor called them. Even though I thought he was crazy at the time, he was right. These sites and stores are designed and setup to catch your attention and draw you in. I am forever swatching stripes of lippies and eyeshadows up and down my arms when I’m in these stores [dangerous for the wallet]! Somehow I always find myself walking away with something I “need” and oftentimes it’s an item I barely use. I’ve gotten better about researching my products and looking to get the best deal prior to going out and purchasing, but I still have a tendency to spend more than I should.

The Good Stuff:
To solve this crisis of habitual browsing and shopping, I signed up for Ipsy. Most of you have heard of this subscription service, but I’ll tell you a little bit about it, just incase. For $10 a month you get 5 sample sized beauty products shipped free to your mailbox in a new makeup bag. You can review the products received for points that can be spent on full sized products through Ipsy’s website, often at a discounted price. Your subscription is personalized. You take a short survey which asks about your hair, eye, and skin color, what products you use, how willing you are to try new things, etc. It’s pretty great. This month I received my first bag, and I’m not disappointed. View Post